9 things we hate about Objective-C

Retro syntax, sideways superset thinking, autocratic inclinations -- coding for Apple products is a pain in the iOS
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Credit: Nemo via Pixabay

9 things we hate about Objective-C

Apple may be one of the best-run companies of all time. Steve Jobs may be a personal hero. The iPhone and the iPad may be beautiful technologies. And developing apps for iOS may be a lucrative opportunity -- if you're lucky enough to win App Store approval and get discovered in the deluge. But that doesn't mean being part of the cult is all love. One of the myriad ways that being a part of the Apple development ecosystem chafes our hides is having to program in Objective-C. (Hurry up and get here, Swift language!)

Following are 9 reasons why Objective-C has proved itself worthy of our ire.

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