Queen Victoria's gadgets: Tech gear for the steampunk set

Charles Darwin meets Steve Jobs: Get an eyeful of the devices that blend 19th- and early 20th-century styles with 21st-century tech
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All steamed up

We take for granted that new computers, phones, and tablets will be smaller and sleeker than their predecessors. Not so in the realm of steampunk, where up-to-date devices look like antiques.

With roots in '60s science fiction, steampunk has become a multiple-arts movement based on the whimsical notion that the era of steam power continues. In the realm of tech gadgets, that means trading black plastic cases and chrome accents for brass, leather, and finely finished wood surfaces.

From a printer that looks like a stock ticker to a USB memory key made with watch parts, every steampunk device straddles centuries. Here are some of our favorites, including both products for sale and one-of-a-kind masterworks.

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