Safeguard your code: 17 security tips for developers

Rigorous input testing, passwords, encryption -- security is a feature no programmer can afford to overlook
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Credit: Federico Caputo

Safeguard your code: 17 security tips for developers

The scary stories from the Web are getting worse. First there were a few stolen credit card numbers. Now, millions of financial records are exposed by security breaches, and we grow numb to the threat.

Writing secure code begins long before the first loop is formed -- and is no easy task. To even approximate bulletproof code, architects, engineers, auditors, and managers must try to imagine everything that could go wrong with every aspect of the code. Although it's impossible to anticipate every nasty curve the attackers will throw, you have to do all you can to reduce your attack surface, plug holes, and guard against the fallout of a potential breach.

Here are 17 tips for producing more secure code.

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