The desktop lover's guide to supercharging Windows 8.1

Don't like the Metro interface? Here's the best way to banish it and boost your productivity
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Desktop lover's guide to supercharging Windows 8.1

True confession: I hate Windows 8.1. The dual personality drives me nuts. Metro may be great for people with tablets, tiny fingers, and even tinier expectations. For people like me -- all thumbs, no touchscreen on my main PC, and tons of work to churn out -- Windows 8.1 doesn't make any sense at all. 

But -- here's the confession part -- I use Windows 8.1 all day, every day. Ever since Microsoft released the "final" RTM bits on Sept. 9 (and, yes, leaked builds before that), I've been eating Microsoft's dog food, as it were.

There are tricks to staying sane in a Window 8.1 world. You can make Metro back off, most of the time. Here's how.

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