Windows 7 is back! 12 PCs on sale with the Windows you want

Here are a dozen good laptops and desktops that will run Windows 7 for a very long time
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Windows 7 PCs and laptops for the long term

On April 8, Microsoft is ending all support for Windows XP, 12 years after its debut and seven years after its first successor, Windows Vista, debuted. Still, nearly a third of PC users continue to run XP. Microsoft wants people to adopt Windows 8, so it's launched a scare campaign to get people to toss their XP PCs.

You should move off XP, but not to Win8. Windows 7 Pro is a better Windows than XP, with none of Win8's flaws. But Win7 PCs are hard to find, mostly available only from PC makers' business sites, so InfoWorld has picked the 12 best ones still available.

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