Not the usual suspects: 10 plucky programming languages on the rise

From Ceylon to Egison, these 10 languages tackle tough programming problems in unique and increasingly popular ways

Intuit's secret campaign to block free tax filing

Intuit has launched a fake grassroots campaign to beat a proposal that would allow some taxpayers to file at no cost...  more

R u mdrn? How to lure hipster hackers

Do u hv ths stf? Here's what you should -- and shouldn't -- keep in your stack to attract today's developers... more

Red Hat sets Docker as nucleus of 'Project Atomic'

Slimmer future versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux -- aka Project Atomic -- will rely heavily on Docker app virtualization... more

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 moves closer to general release

Due next week, RHEL release candidate features 64-bit architecture support, integration with Active Directory, and more... more

How to get a job in manufacturing IT

To make it in manufacturing, IT pros need to understand a wide range of technology, from robotics to good old-fashioned electronics.... more

Three's a charm? Windows 8 patches could pave multiple paths to Windows 9

In cutting off Windows 8.1 security patches, Microsoft may be setting up three upgrade avenues for Windows 9... more

Microsoft fixes Windows 8.1 Update for corporate WSUS servers

After restoring the pulled patch, Microsoft has extended the cutoff date for WSUS-based updates to August... more

InfoWorld Tech Watch by InfoWorld Tech Watch

OpenStack's latest release keeps the DIY private cloud features coming

'Icehouse,' the newest edition of the open source... more

Enterprise Windows by J. Peter Bruzzese

Picking Office 365 is the easy part -- now comes migration

Getting your email data into Office 365 can cause... more

New Tech Forum by New Tech Forum

How to build a big data supply chain

To get the most from big data, you must marshal new infrastructure and develop new collaborative... more

Off The Record by Anonymous

Congrats on the new job! Please disregard all the red flags

A fledgling developer is so thrilled to land a... more

Cloud Computing by David Linthicum

Happy Tax Day! Hope you kept your cloud receipts

A new KPMG survey shows a lack of understanding on the tax issues around cloud computing ... more

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