Prove it! Another security vendor claims 100 percent malware detection

Prove it! Another security vendor claims 100 percent malware detection

A long line of security vendors has promised to detect all malware. Every last one failed. Can Trustwave break the mold?

What you need to know about using Bluetooth beacons

Apple's iBeacons technology is merely the start of a new approach to location-aware apps...  more

Where are the mobile dev payouts? In enterprise apps

If you want to make money as a mobile app developer, go for the enterprise, says VisionMobile ... more

The making of a Microsoft CEO: Layoffs and lip service

Satya Nadella steps up his game with textbook MBA moves and massive layoffs, but the benefit to Microsoft remains to be seen... more

Don't believe false alarms about Docker containers

Despite what some people say, Docker containers have plenty of resiliency options when needed... more

Whatever happened to green IT?

Green initiatives have withered, but there are IT execs who think green can still make a difference... more

iOS devices are still safe -- from everybody except Apple and the NSA

Security researcher says undocumented services allow Apple and law enforcement to access the contents of any iOS device... more

VMware dangles dollars for mobile, apps, and virtualization migration

Safe Passage migrates users from Citrix XenApp and MobileIron to VMware, with financial incentives as part of the package... more

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InfoWorld Tech Watch by InfoWorld Tech Watch

Aphid brings embeddable scripting to .Net

The C-style language inspired by JavaScript leverages C# and F# and enables building of DSLs ... more

Modernizing IT by Eric Knorr

Two glimmers of hope for enterprise security

Will the endless stream of security compromises ever stop? No single security product can deliver... more

The Deep End by Paul Venezia

Why all businesses should care about Net neutrality

If you think your company has nothing to fear from... more

Mobile Edge by Galen M. Gruman

BlackBerry's square smartphone and other desperate moves

The company is attacking competitors and talking... more

Tech's Bottom Line by Bill Snyder

The PC is dead? Then the Chromebook must be comatose

Microsoft haters close their eyes to any evidence... more

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