Broadband bullies: Cable companies, lawmakers gang up on local providers

Broadband bullies: Cable companies, lawmakers gang up on local providers

House approves legislation prohibiting the FCC from aiding local communities eager to set up high-speed broadband services

The mobile health apps gold rush may already be over

A collision between Silicon Valley's data-mining business model and federal medical privacy rules may prevent a viable market...  more

11 Android tools for Web developers

Android mobile devices, while not typically thought of as places where development work gets done, can offer surprisingly useful apps to help developers get the job done... more

Oracle's new database patch could cost you $23,000 per processor

The latest patch set for Oracle's database automatically enables in-memory processing -- a feature for which Oracle charges extra... more

Amazon can no longer take its cloud leadership for granted

With Microsoft's strong numbers and Google's continued progress, Amazon Web Services must realize it's in a three-cloud race ... more

Apache Cordova lets developers create Android apps from third-party WebViews

Developers can use WebViews such as Intel's Crosswalk to get around Android's nuances... more

Can a machine detect sarcasm? Yeah, right

Applying analytics to social media? Good luck -- not all words can be taken at face value. Natural language processing helps, but it's no panacea... more

11 signs you've been hacked -- and how to fight back

Redirected Net searches, unexpected installs, rogue mouse pointers: Here's what to do when you've been 0wned... more

Pat McGovern

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Money before innovation: Why Wall Street loves tech giants these days

No innovation? No sexy new products? Investors... more

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How to create a data lake for fun and profit

The idea of data lakes has been fermenting, and now real companies are using them for real analysis.... more

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Microsoft's new mega tech conference: The pros and cons

A new mega-show will replace the familiar... more

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This is the golden age of open source

We're in the golden age of open source, not a 'post-open source' society. More than ever, we must... more

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What you need to know about using Bluetooth beacons

Apple's iBeacons technology is merely the start of... more

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