14 excellent reasons to use F#

F# makes it easy to write concise code to solve complex problems on all the major desktop and mobile platforms, primarily using functional programming

Office Mix: Microsoft's new tool may revolutionize presentations

The PowerPoint add-on helps turn slideshows into interactive presentations with lots of bells and whistles...  more

Google's Dart language is approved -- but adoption is no guarantee

Ecma International gives a thumbs-up to Dart programming language, but won't likely inspire much uptake with developers ... more

Our fault? Read the project audit and weep

A wise development team brings in the big guns against accusations of mismanagement on a troubled software project... more

Better patch Flash: 'Rosetta Flash' attack can steal site cookies

A new proof-of-concept attack exploits a bug in Adobe Flash that allows stealing of user credentials across websites... more

How virtualization is lifting us to the cloud

Server virtualization has been a huge win for the data center. Nimboxx CTO David Cauthron explains how the next phase will deliver dramatic benefits in the cloud... more

Must-have tools for setting up a Wi-Fi net

AirMagnet, Ekahau and TamoGraph simplify Wi-Fi planning and surveying.... more

RHEL OpenStack 5: Red Hat hogs the OpenStack spotlight

Red Hat's new OpenStack distribution shows how much it wants to be the leader of the pack for the cloud platform... more

Pat McGovern

InfoWorld Tech Watch by InfoWorld Tech Watch

CISA bill -- and Internet privacy rights -- moves to Senate for a vote

After clearing Senate Select Committee on... more

Open Sources by Simon Phipps

Are open source foundations nonprofits? The IRS says no

OpenStack and Yorba are denied nonprofit status.... more

Security Adviser by Roger A. Grimes

5 reasons why software bugs still plague us

With the time and expense spent locking down code, most popular programs should be bulletproof --... more

Cloud Computing by David Linthicum

Sex, spies, and the cloud: NSA revelations continue to weaken confidence

Washington Post investigation asserts that the NSA... more

Modernizing IT by Eric Knorr

You don't need to be in Silicon Valley

Kids, think twice before you pay a king's ransom for a San Francisco apartment. You may be in a... more

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