The must-have iPad office apps, round 9

Google's newly completed Apps suite just can't beat Apple's iWork or Microsoft Office

You have your Windows in my Linux

Ultimately, the schism over systemd could lead to a separation of desktop and server distros, or Linux server admins moving to FreeBSD...  more

GitHub's new CEO: We're serious about the enterprise

In a few short years, GitHub has become the world's largest code repository. CEO Chris Wanstrath explains how GitHub is also helping enterprises revitalize their app dev efforts ... more

CoreOS's Rudder steers software-defined networking for Docker

Creator of a Docker-based Linux distribution rolls out its answer to the networking headaches common to Docker containers... more

Suffering from cloud contention? It's not the cloud's fault

Is your cloud is too crowded to meet your required workload responsiveness? Actually, you may have a a bad cloud provider ... more

How to lure tech talent with employee benefits, perks

Flexibility is key as employers try to beef up their benefits packages and attract in-demand workers.... more

Good news for Microsoft: China wants to dump Windows

If China makes good on its threat to break up with Windows, Microsoft could lose the battle -- yet win the war... more

After Xen and KVM, meet a new Linux hypervisor: Jailhouse

Devised for real-time use, open source Jailhouse hypervisor is lean and small, a complement to Xen and LVM rather than a replacement... more

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InfoWorld Tech Watch by InfoWorld Tech Watch

Canonical partners with IBM on a pain-free OpenStack

Ubuntu Linux maker's BootStack offering can be... more

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Google completes its office suite for iOS, to no one's benefit

Google Slides is a limited, awkward tool that... more

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Linux Foundation's certification sets new benchmark for admins

Do open source projects need formal certification?... more

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Get a job: The top 10 hottest IT skills today

The IT job market hasn't been this strong in many years. Here are the skills that will keep you... more

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Big data: There's signal in that noise

When the data you capture and crunch is large and disorderly, interesting bits may come along for... more

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