The Tizen smartphone flopped -- and open source is to blame

The Tizen smartphone flopped -- and open source is to blame

A parade of failed open source smartphone OSes should cause the open source community to rethink its mobile strategy

7 indispensable project management tips

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SAP embraces opens source -- sort of

Years of slow change are finally leading to new openness at SAP, at least in connection with SAP HANA ... more

Docker: The first true devops tool?

Docker VP James Turnbull discusses what the container technology means for devops, as well as planned improvements and VMware-like ambitions... more

V is for Verizon, void of values

Fresh from its Net neutrality battles, Verizon now wants to alienate its longtime customers with draconian usage rules... more

Amazon is right to grow AWS at the expense of profits

Claims that Amazon is hurting investors by gaining market share instead of profits from the cloud miss the long-term payoff... more

Mobile security: A mother lode of new tools

You may know your smartphone, but pretty soon the question will be: How well does your smartphone know you?... more

Team of rivals: Hortonworks, Pivotal join up for Hadoop project

Competitors band together to contribute to Apache Ambari project for Hadoop provisioning, monitoring, and management... more

Pat McGovern

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11 questions for MongoDB's CTO

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Who's managing your managed services? You, ultimately

Managed services aren't magic. Before your... more

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Can a machine detect sarcasm? Yeah, right

Applying analytics to social media? Good luck -- not all words can be taken at face value. Natural... more

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Money before innovation: Why Wall Street loves tech giants these days

No innovation? No sexy new products? Investors... more

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How to create a data lake for fun and profit

The idea of data lakes has been fermenting, and now real companies are using them for real analysis.... more

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