Take home more! The best cities for 6 top tech jobs

We drill into IT salary data to help uncover hidden hot spots that pay top dollar for your IT skill set

The myth of slower iPhones and the truth of our upgrade addiction

Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft don't build shoddy products to force upgrades -- they simply play on your deepest fears and desires...  more

Happy 10th anniversary, Ruby on Rails -- but watch your back

The Web framework remains popular, but competitors like Node.js have stolen some of its thunder... more

Fresh attacks on open source miss the mark

Critics are laying siege to open source, but their arguments both mistake what open source is and how companies benefit from it ... more

Gartner gets the 'data lake' concept all wrong

For $200, Gartner tells you 'data lakes' are bad and advises you to try real hard, plan far in advance, and get governance correct... more

Mobile security: iOS vs. Android vs. BlackBerry vs. Windows Phone

As Samsung pushes to be 'enterprise class' and Microsoft gets serious with Windows Phone, which platform provides the security you need?... more

LibreOffice 4.3 boosts document compatibility

Free and open source productivity suite improves interoperation with Microsoft Office, adds filters for legacy Mac formats... more

Microsoft looks to woo developers with Windows Phone upgrade

Windows Phone update improves security and messaging, but the platform still trails Android and iOS by a wide margin... more

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InfoWorld Tech Watch by InfoWorld Tech Watch

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Company Casanova leaves trail of broken hearts, busted servers

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V is for Verizon, void of values

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7 indispensable project management tips

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